If you run a law firm, you wouldn’t believe how important proper search engine optimization can be for your success. Don’t believe that SEO is going to be one of the determining factors for the number of clients you’ll get over the next few years? Well, let me spell it out for you.

Let’s go through the process the average potential client goes through when looking for a lawfirm for their legal issue.

  1. They begin their search by opening their computer and typing into Google something like “law firm New York City.”
  2. They click on the first result.
  3. They look at the website and either hit the back button, read and scroll down, or click the “contact” button or call the number on the website.

Well, with our 360-degree marketing expertise, we can make sure potential clients get to step #3 and decide to give you a phone call or contact you in some way. It really isn’t that hard if you have the right gameplan.

So What’s the Right Gameplan for Law Firm SEO?

When starting a new law firm SEO campaign, it’s important to focus on two specific issues: getting the website ranked and then converting the targeted traffic. After all, if you’re going to be getting a lot of visitors, it’s important that your website converts those visitors into high paying clients. If you don’t have a good conversion rate, you could get hundreds of visitors but not get a single client.

Conversion rate has to do with the design, professionalism, and ease-of-use of the website. It’s important to have contact information in a prominent spot as well as have some sort of direction you try to send your visitors. You see, it’s important that there’s a purpose to the “slope” of your website. There’s an end goal for every visitor and it’s our job to make sure that each visitor reaches it. By strategically placing information around a website, turning a significant percentage of your website’s visitors into clients is definitely possible.

Law firm SEO involves optimizing your webpages for the search engines, writing valuable content for users, and building “backlinks” from other websites pointing to your law firm’s website. Backlinks are what powers a website to the top; without them, you’d never rank well. In fact, link building is where most law firm search engine optimization companies fall short. However, we never fall short on link building. We can prove it, because if we didn’t know how to do excellent search engine optimization and link building, you wouldn’t be here at our website right now.

That’s our competitive advantage and if you become a client of ours, it will become your advantage too.

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